NEW Hand Cream Melody 30 ml



Respectfully caring for the skin of the hands that are permanently exposed to attacks of environmental factors, our olive oil-based hand cream nourishes and protects while being absorbed immediately by the skin. Its main active ingredients are silk amino acids and extra virgin Greek organic olive oil which offer your hands moisturizing properties without unpleasant greasiness. Grape seed oil has a high antioxidant effect preventing environmental damage while the carité soak softens and deeply moisturizes the skin. Its warm and ethereal scent creates your new, innocent addiction.

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Key Ingredients: Silk Aminoacids, Organic extra virgin Greek olive oil, Olive oil based stabilizer, Grape seed oil, Shea Butter.

Gently caring for hands’ skin which is always exposed to external aggressions, this olive oil based hand cream nourishes and protects while instantly absorbed. Based on Silk Aminoacids and Greek Organic extra Virgin Olive oil, it carries their hydrating properties to dry hands’ epidermis without any oily left-overs. Grape seed oil is highly antioxidant anticipating environmental attacks while Shea Butter smooths and deeply moisturizes. The warm yet ethereal fragrance creates an innocent addiction.