Terms and Conditions

www.magiccompanyoriginal.com is the “Website” and the “Electronic Store” for displaying and selling products (perfumes and cosmetics) via the Internet, which belongs to the Greek private capital company named “MAGIC MONOPROSSOPI I.K.E.”, distinctively titled “MAGIC M.I.K.E.», based in Ptolemaida, Kozani prefecture (Maiandrou street no. 2 A) in Greece. Hereinafter «www.magiccompanyoriginal.com” will be known as the “company”.  


The company provides the following terms of use which visitors and perspective clients are requested to read carefully and only continue to visit/use the online store if they are fully in agreement and accept its contents. The use of the website www.magiccompanyoriginal.com implies the automatic acceptance of these terms, as they apply each time it is visited. 


A. Website Content – ​​Provider Liability 


    1. The brand name, the distinctive title, the mark, the images, the texts, the graphics, all distinctive features as well as all content comprised of information, electronic files, services and everything otherwise contained on the website www.magiccompanyoriginal.com belong exclusively to the company and are effectively considered as protected goods of its intellectual property. Marks, names, or other intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties exposed to the website www.magiccompanyoriginal.com are also protected according to current legislation. 


    1. The visitor/user is expressly prohibited from exploiting, copying, reproducting, disseminating, republishing, making available or transmitting any of the content and services included in the website, beyond the uses expressly defined herein, without the prior written permission of the company “MAGIC MONOPROSOPI I.K.E.”. The only exceptions permitted are individual copying and printing of the website’s content, provided that they are not altered in any way and are intended for personal, informational use by the visitor/user himself.


    1. All content included in this website includes valid, up-to-date and legal information regarding the company’s products and services. Our company makes the effort to ensure that the information available through this website is accurate and clear.


    1. Our website may refer you, the user/visitor, on other websites via “links” or hyperlinks, the providers of which are fully responsible for the security, legality and validity of their content. Users should take note of the terms of use of the specific websites and only if they agree with them accept them. In any case the company “MAGIC SOLE REPRESENTATIVE I.K.E.” bears no responsibility towards users’ use of third parties’ websites solely by their access through its website.


    1. The company “MAGIC MONOPROSOPI I.K.E.” is not responsible for any type of damage suffered by a user/visitor of the website www.magiccompanyoriginal.com or a third party for any reason related to the operation and use of the website or the inability to provide services or information available from or through it.

 B. Obligations of Users/Visitors

    1. Visitors/users of this website must comply with the applicable rules and provisions of Hellenic, European and International Law and to make sure their usage of the website www.magiccompanyoriginal.com is lawful and expedient, as well as in compliance with the terms of use. The user/visitor is obliged to stay away from any illegal, unethical, unfair and abusive use of this website’s content and services.




    1. Any damage caused to this website and to the company “MAGIC MONOPROSOPI I.K.E.” or in its network in general derived from illegal and in violation with its terms of use activity by its visitor/user lies exclusively on the latter. The company reserves the right to exercise any of its legal right to defend and safeguard its interests and the offender is obliged to fully restore any damage caused to it.

C. Provision and Availability of Content

    1. The Company makes every effort to maintain and keep available this website. However, it cannot guarantee that its website, as well as any information and/or service included within it will be provided without interruption and/or errors. In addition, the company reserves the right to modify and/or temporarily or permanently interrupt all or part of its website with and/or without notifying its users, as its availability may depend on factors outside the company’s sphere of responsibility. In any case, the above company does not bear any responsibility in case a user cannot connect to the network site www.magiccompanyoriginal.com.

 2. The company makes every effort to protect the network site www.magiccompanyoriginal.com from malware. Nevertheless, it does not guarantee that its website and servers through which the contents and services of the network are provided to visitors/users do not contain viruses or other harmful components. Therefore, every user/visitor should take care of protecting his own means of access to this website by utilising appropriate tools (e.g. use of antivirus, etc.) prior any use of this website.

 D. Personal Data

    1. The company may keep on file and process any personal data of website visitors of www.magiccompanyoriginal.com, which will be collected through any requests and/or transactions for the purpose of support, promotion and execution of a transaction. In addition, recipients of the data may be third natural or legal persons pursuing the advertising of their products and/or services. Each user/visitor of this website reserves the right to information or objection to the further processing of their data, based on the terms of article 13 of Law 2472/1997 as amended and in order.


    1. The Company bears no responsibility towards the user/visitor of the website www.magiccompanyoriginal.com in case of use of the personal data the user has declared to a natural third party or legal entity through a hyperlink to the website of this third party through this website.

 E. Web Accounts

    1. The website www.magiccompanyoriginal.com allows all users to create their own, personal account to receive newsletters, personalized information and to be kept informed about all new services, new products and offers provided by the company. To create your personal account it is necessary to register by completing an electronic registration application. Each user is exclusively responsible for the information they declare, which must be true and accurate. The company reserves the right to delete all accounts containing false data at a later time. 


    1. Among the details that each user must declare in order to create their own personal account are: their first and last name, their e-mail, their address and their telephone number. The e-mail address needs to be true and complete, personal to each user and under their complete control. The email address may be processed by the company for its correct recording.


The user’s registration in the company’s newsletter is voluntary and not a mandatory procedure for completing purchases from the online store or for the provision of other company services, including his simply browsing the company’s website. 


The user’s registration in the company’s newsletter service is completed by entering their email address in the corresponding field found on the company’s website. With the upon completion of their registration, the user provides the company with his consent for the company to send him informative and promotional material about its products and services, as well as related advertising messages. 


    1. A personal account can be created by any natural person who has reached the age of 18 and has full legal capacity. 


    1. When creating their personal account each user enters their desired password. Only through the use of their email address and password can a user access their personal account. These items are personal for each visitor/user and should not be disclosed to any third party. Each user is solely responsible for all operations carried out using the email address and password that they have chosen. In case of any suspicious activity or any unauthorized use they are obliged to immediately notify the company. In that case the company bears no responsibility for any damage caused. 

The company is committed to safeguarding personal data based on these terms of use and applicable legislation. Each registered user can request the deletion and destruction of their personal information with a relevant document request to the company. 

 F. General Terms

    1. These terms of use may be modified without prior notice; therefore visitors/users should regularly visit this website in order to be informed of any modifications that arise in the terms use of the website www.magiccompanyoriginal.com.
    2. In case the use of any service of the website www.magiccompanyoriginal.com is governed by more specific terms, these terms are considered as a whole with these specific terms of use. However, in the event of a conflict, the more specific terms prevail.
    3. Any invalidity of any of the present terms of use shall not result the invalidity of the rest.
    4. The non-exercise by the company of the present terms of use of its resulting rights does not imply a waiver of these rights.
    5. The Company is not responsible for any breach of these terms due on grounds of force majeure.
    6. Any dispute that may arise between the company and of any user/visitor of the website www.magiccompanyoriginal.com will be resolved by the courts of the city of Athens.